Ultraschallwasserzähler mit Funk (Wireless M-Bus OMS®)

Product names: TOPAS
Applications: Residential buildings / Sanitary, Water
Medium: Water
Process: Measure

Technical data

Static ultrasonic water meter

For horizontal and vertical installation (riser and downpipe)

Nominal size DN 15 to DN 50

Nominal pressure PN 16

Protection class IP 68

High dynamic range, R 250

Battery lifetime 16 years

Robust brass housing with threaded connections


Domestic water meter with integrated M-Bus interface or radio (wireless M-Bus OMS®)

Real data communication

Leakage detection

MID approval
Accuracy class 2 (OIML 49)

Benefits for you

Data transmission according to open standards

No proprietary solutions

Insensitive to deposits and suspended solids in water

Installation in any mounting position


Text for tender

Mounting instructions

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Technical documentation

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