Woltman turbine meter for horizontal and vertical installation DN 40 - 300

Product names: RUBIN
Applications: Local and district heating / cooling
Medium: Thermal Energy
Process: Measure

Technical data

Woltman turbine meters with dry-type register units

EWG approval

Swiss domestic approval as flow sensor and hot water meter

PN 16 bar

Max. temperature 130 °C

IP 68

Can be retrofitted with pulsers Reed or NAMUR

WPDH: for horizontal or vertical installation

WSDH: for horizontal installation


Insensitive to turbulences

Correct mounting ensures high accuracy and long-term stability

Symmetrical control for high accuracy in both directions

Benefits for you

The register unit can be rotated through 360° to provide the best reading position

Can be retrofitted with up to 3 pulsers

The measuring units can be removed and certified

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