AMBILL® easy bill

Abrechnungs-Software mit Kundenportal

Produktname: AMBILL®
Anwendung: Geschäftsbau / Gebäudetechnik, Nah- und Fernwärme / Fernkälte, Wohnungsbau / Sanitär, Systemintegration, Wasser / Gas
Medium: Software / Systemtechnik
Prozess: Verarbeiten / Auswerten

Technische Daten

Fully web based solution (Application Service Provider Solution or local installation)

Fully automatic process – from meter reading to billing (paper or email)

Consumption based billing

Interface to automatic meter reading solutions

Interface to accounting systems


Billing of water, electricity, gas, heat, cooling, …

Meter management

Billing unit management

Customer / tenant management

Billing of direct costs and overheads

Accurate cost allocation

Email or paper invoicing

Ihr Nutzen

A clearly laid out user interface helps our customers to easily follow the intuitive workflow for the billing process. The meter readings are imported from connected data collectors on a daily basis just to make sure that unpleasant guesswork later on can be avoided.
Once installed and set up there is almost no additional work to be conducted. Simply tell the system to generate new bills for the certain period of time and it will do the rest.
Are also your clients sensitive to their consumption of energy? AMBILL® easy bill can be enhanced with an internet platform for your clients (tenants, etc.) where they can exactly monitor their own consumptions of the billed energies/ressources.



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